An Artemis Ambassador Reflects on the Need for the Hunting Community to Be More Inclusive

Dr. Missy Howse-Kurtz June 25, 2024 I came out as a lesbian during my junior year abroad in India and I’ve spent much of my adult life interacting with groups […]

How Hunting Helped My Recovery from Cancer

Heather Hess October 31, 2023 In June of 2022, I went in for my second-ever routine mammogram and soon discovered I had breast cancer. When I first heard those words, […]

Spearos – hunter fishers

By Katy Cummings I hover over the reef in the clear, blue water of the Florida Keys. I’m looking for a large coral head to check under for grouper, ideally […]

Hen Talk From South Carolina!

By Mary Lynn Move over boys, hunting camp isn’t just for men anymore! I have been blessed and was graciously invited to Artemis South Carolina’s 2022 Turkey Camp. Here are […]

The sound of hounds…why I’m a rabbit hunter

Fly Fishing Photo Contest!

Arizona Hunters Support Investment in Natural Infrastructure

Sixty years later and the Arctic Wildlife Refuge Still Needs Permanent Protections

Photo by Alexis Bonogofsky The Arctic is a region of extremes: extreme cold, extreme seasonal changes in daylight, and extreme winds. It sits at the top of the world, covered […]