Fly Fishing Photo Contest!

Thanks to everyone who entered our fly fishing photo contest for a chance to win a Fly Fishing Lanyard from Goertzen Adventure Equipment! Check out our 2021 entries.

Sixty years later and the Arctic Wildlife Refuge Still Needs Permanent Protections

Photo by Alexis Bonogofsky The Arctic is a region of extremes: extreme cold, extreme seasonal changes in daylight, and extreme winds. It sits at the top of the world, covered in sea ice—a seemingly unwelcome place for life. Yet the Arctic is actually teeming with wildlife. The coastal plain provides critical habitat for species like […]

Dall Sheep Hunt – Alaska

By Jodee Dixon, Artemis Ambassador – Alaska I started writing this on Mother’s Day.  My feathers are a little ruffled after reading how, in the past, it seemed most mothers support their spouses and children on their hunting trips, rather than going out with them.  This, on the tail of a virtual meeting with 30 […]

Artemis Turkey Tactics Storytelling Contest

Our goals here at Artemis include placing sportswomen from all walks of life at the forefront of the national sporting conversation, speaking to the emotional complexities of hunting and fishing, and telling a bigger story of why conservation matters, how it matters, and who it matters to. Our favorite way of doing this is through […]

Turkey Heart Yakitori

Steak and Turkey Giblet Pie

Wild Turkey Schnitzel