Marcia Brownlee, Program Manager

Marcia has been a naturalist, hiker, camper, stargazer, beach comber, and wildflower aficionado  since her beginning. The love of hunting and fishing struck her in her 30s and changed her life. She has pursued it with a passion ever since. Her love of nature and her experience as a sportswoman has helped define who she is and how she understands life, love, the pursuit of happiness, and our place on this earth. She believes very strongly in the importance of advocating for land, water, and wildlife. She strives to live her life with an understanding that sustainability is not enough – the earth deserves reciprocity for the gifts it gives. Marcia’s background is in community building and education. She is passionate about helping others pursue their interests and dreams and is excited to support women on their journey as sportswomen and conservation advocates. Contact Marcia at