Arizona Hunters Support Investment in Natural Infrastructure

By Laura Reese, Artemis Ambassador – Arizona As the owner of a public relations firm in Tucson, most of my days are spent championing the work of my fellow Arizonans. But a few sacred weeks a year, I get to go hunting. And when I hunt in Arizona, I experience a gratitude, joy, and fraternity […]

Sixty years later and the Arctic Wildlife Refuge Still Needs Permanent Protections

Photo by Alexis Bonogofsky The Arctic is a region of extremes: extreme cold, extreme seasonal changes in daylight, and extreme winds. It sits at the top of the world, covered in sea ice—a seemingly unwelcome place for life. Yet the Arctic is actually teeming with wildlife. The coastal plain provides critical habitat for species like […]

Turkey Heart Yakitori

This recipe utilizes 3 wild turkey hearts (you can also use venison heart!) By: Olivia Menard Yakitori is a traditional Japanese skewered and grilled meat often found at izakaya (Japanese pubs).  One of the most common pub foods in Japan, the name yakitori (焼き鳥) means, literally, grilled chicken.  Kushiyaki is the generic term for skewered […]

Steak and Turkey Giblet Pie

This recipe utilizes 8 ounces of venison rib meat and 1 wild turkey gizzard and liver By: Olivia Menard The Compleat Cook described the first written recipe for steak and kidney pie in 1694.  Today, alongside fish and chips or bangers and mash, a hearty meat pie can be found in most every pub across […]

Wild Turkey Schnitzel

Cassoulet de Dinde Sauvage

Foraging in the Turkey Woods