Steak and Turkey Giblet Pie

This recipe utilizes 8 ounces of venison rib meat and 1 wild turkey gizzard and liver By: Olivia Menard The Compleat Cook described the first written recipe for steak and kidney pie in 1694.  Today, alongside fish and chips or bangers and mash, a hearty meat pie can be found in most every pub across […]

Wild Turkey Schnitzel

This recipe utilizes wild turkey breasts By: Olivia Menard Schnitzel is basically a thin cutlet of meat, pounded thinner, breaded, and then fried.  Crispy on the outside.  Moist and tender on the inside.  Kaiser Basileios I of the 7th century Byzantine Empire was said to prefer his meat covered in sheets of gold.  Breading was […]

Cassoulet de Dinde Sauvage

This recipe utilizes wild turkey 1 leg, 1 thigh, 1 wing, neck, back, and ribs By: Olivia Menard The Garonne River charges inland form the Atlantic Ocean, then away from the Dordogne along the banks where the Medoc terroir enriches to that of the grand Bourdeaux.  Hundreds of years of study and several failed attempts […]

Join the Artemis Book Club for 2022!

The Artemis 2022 Book Club – where we read and discuss books that will expand our connections to the natural world and our understanding of equity in the sporting community. Join us for our next read: Hunting and Fishing in the New South by Scott E. Giltner – Read now and sign up for a […]

Foraging in the Turkey Woods

By Safiyyah Motaib, Artemis Ambassador – North Carolina There’s always something to forage, any time of year and any time of day; but some seasons are better than others.  Spring can be overwhelming for beginner foragers or even the seasoned forager who is unprepared. So many things start popping up so quickly, and if you […]

What is a choke tube and which one is best for hunting turkeys?

By Ashley Chance, Southeast Regional Coordinator Shotguns are often used for small game like ducks and squirrel because shooting many small pellets means you are more likely to hit a small target than if you were shooting a single bullet. Not to mention a bullet of almost any size could do a lot of damage […]

Ice fishing 101: Get your ‘fish on!’

By Lauren Klamm, Artemis Ambassador – Fort Collins, CO Despite what many people think, ice fishing or ‘hard-water fishing’ is a lot of fun and an effective way to catch fish. Just like any outdoor activity, ice fishing requires planning and preparation not only for success and comfort but also for safety. Here are some […]

Squirrel Pot Pie

By: Ashley Chance, Southeast Region Coordinator If you like squirrel or pie, you’ll love squirrel pot pie! This recipe is simple and yields welcome comfort food at the end of a long winter. You can use just about any meat; turkey and pheasant are good substitutes if no squirrel can be had. The first step […]

Getting On The Turkey Train

By: Ashley Chance, Artemis Southeast Region Coordinator I have never “called in” an animal before while hunting. Technically I suppose I’ve called waterfowl, but they mostly come in as a fast-flying group and the whole event transpires before my heart rate can interfere with my aim. Calling an animal appeals to me because it belies […]

The Hog Blog

By: Ashley Chance, Artemis Southeast Region Coordinator What is a feral hog? Well, it’s a non-native animal that traces it’s origins back to domestic pigs, and to a lesser extent Eurasian boars. They are resourceful omnivores and prolific reproducers that can adapt to a wide variety of environments. This suite of skills in combination with […]