The Artemis Podcast

Join Marcia Brownlee and co-hosts Maggie Heumann and Becca Aceto as they talk to the adventurous, accomplished women who are redefining conservation through their lives in the field and on the water.

EP 54: Introducing Scientists & Conservationists to Hunting, with Val Titus

Val Titus is a scientist whose work looks into a variety of topics, like what we can learn from the bioaccumlation of toxins in long-lived turtles (from lead ammo, among other sources). When she’s not doing research or teaching science, Val is a hunter who A). offers a wild game and drink pairing course, and B). introduces other scientists and conservationists to sporting through a group called Conservation Leaders of Tomorrow.

  • 2:00 Becca’s back! And Marcia is a closet tea fanatic
  • 5:00 Yogurt vs. sour cream on the chili/fajitas/burritos – WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON!?
  • 6:00 Netflix docuseries: “Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat” on complementary tastes in cooking… time to add “umami” to your vocabulary!
  • 8:00 What can turtles tell us about the bioaccumulation of lead from ammunition in our water systems? (P.S. A snapping turtle can live to be 100 years old… lots of data there!)
  • 11:00 Did you catch the Kodi Jo Jaspers episode on non-lead ammo?
  • 14:00 Looking at metal accumulation in the blood samples from old versus young turtles 
  • 18:00 Aging a turtle? Look for size and belly rings
  • 22:00 Hunting History, Ethics & Management class at Green Mountain College in Vermont
  • 24:00 Conservation Leaders for Tomorrow  – a group that seeks to bring scientists and conservation workers into the field to introduce them to sporting culture
  • 29:00 Spawning an adult-onset hunter through tactful exposure and education
  • 29:30 “You’re a liberal… you… hunt?”
  • 30:00 Vermont’s “right to roam” private property laws
  • 34:00 In academia, too, introducing biologists/foresters/would-be outdoorsmen and women to hunting
  • 38:00 Rabbit hunting with beagles!
  • 41:00 #childhoodmemories – Road-tripping with the family beagle and watching him jump out of a window onto the highway after spotting a rabbit #beaglefacepalm
  • 43:00 Wild game and drink pairing
  • 48:00 Artemis kitchen challenges with game…. breakfast for dinner! Mardi gras! St. Patty’s Day! 
  • 50:00 Becca’s adventure buying a 100-year-old farmhouse in rural Idaho… yay, Becca!
  • 56:00 Artemis Southeast Storytelling Event on Jan. 21 at 6:30 EST
  • 57:00 We’re growing our ranks! Want to be an Artemis ambassador? Check out our 2021 Artemis Ambassador Application

EP 53: Changing Your Diet Without Changing Your Ethics, with Carla Brauer

Carla Brauer was a vegan and animal rights activist in her teens. These days, she’s a farmer, stockwoman, hunter, and… wait for it… a taxidermist! We talk about how you can change your diet without changing your ethics, dermastid beetles, and what it’s like to give a TED Talk on your transition from vegan to hunter.

  • 2:00 Dallas, Oregon (not The Dalles… and not Texas) 
  • 3:00 Living that double-freezer life – one for food, one for taxidermy
  • 5:00 #pandemicpig in the freezer AND king pigeons… they’re like big white fat doves (AND… Oregon’s big bad rats)
  • 8:00 Rat terriers to the rescue! 
  • 9:30 The personal journey of a former vegan/animal-rights activist who became more open-minded to eating meat, animal husbandry, and even taxidermy
  • 13:00 Meeting a woman who took in 50-some chickens as rescues… and ended up selling their eggs to help pay for their keep. Vegan eggs? A eureka moment: You don’t have to change your ethics to change your diet
  • 16:00 The problem with a black-and-white approach to food (example: veganism has a hard line in the sand)
  • 20:00 That gap between thinking ‘maybe I want to try hunting’ to actually getting out there… where do I even start? Like, how do I learn to shoot a gun? (It started with someone’s generosity.)
  • 22:00 Years of hunting with no success
  • 23:00 Public lands hunting… it’s intimidating. Finding a farm with a deer problem was a better first start
  • 26:00 Reconciling your former vegan self (and social circle) with your emerging hunter/farmer self
  • 28:00 Farming and making money farming are very different things… also, that point when you realize you’re making more off quail skulls than vegetables
  • 31:00 Dermastid  beetle husbandry
  • 33:00 “I had a lot of access to severed heads… as one does.”
  • 34:00 Carla’s TED Talk
  • 36:00 Hunting came (long) before agriculture… but does innovation allow us to evolve away, morally, from animal consumption?
  • 41:00 Hiking/birdwatching/other outdoors pursuits… are they a surrogate for what hunting used to give us?
  • 45:00 The hunting mindset follows you everywhere outdoors once it’s in your frame of mind
  • 47:00 The experience of doing a TED Talk (!!!) – and also of seeing animal rights protesters at your talk
  • 54:00 ANYONE can be a hunter… and it’s important for the sporting community to embrace that
  • 55:00 The goal of meaningful conversation isn’t to change minds… it’s to plant seeds 
  • 58:00 Skulls to hides… and a self-built, wire-wheel fleshing machine
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