The Artemis Podcast – Presented by Hunt To Eat

Join Marcia Brownlee and co-hosts Maggie Heumann and Becca Aceto as they talk to the adventurous, accomplished women who are redefining conservation through their lives in the field and on the water.

EP 41: Self-Care for Conservationists with Michelle Doerr

How many conservationists get so consumed by their jobs that they don’t actually get outside? Michelle Doerr is a hunter, angler, and all-around Minnesotan gal whose career is focused on helping conservationists avoid burnout. It starts with knowing yourself, what self-care you need (hint: it probably involves getting outside), and making it happen. 

  • 2:00 Chipping in for a friend’s Kickstarter-funded movie, “Cold November” – which is a totally badass matriarchal hunting tale
  • 5:00 That first snow of the season… it’s kind of special! Unless it’s way too early
  • 6:00 A wildlife biologist makes a career switch to consulting – Anavah Consulting: Connecting people to themselves, others, and Earth
  • 8:00 Self-care for conservationists: When your work is spent battling big issues like climate change, chronic wasting disease, etc, it can be hard not to internalize those work struggles and carry them with us
  • 10:00 Ecophobia: Just presenting the doomsday scenario (eg: our planet is burning up) can be anxiety-inducing. 
  • 13:00 You have to feel that you are worth self-care, and that it’s not selfish — it’s a required input for being your best, problem-solving self
  • 15:00 How many conservationists get so consumed with their jobs that they don’t actually get outside? #lookingatyou
  • 17:00 Having two kids who are polar opposites
  • 18:00 National Conservation Leadership Institute, a leadership development initiative from the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies.
  • 22:00 Covid is a total monkeywrench into the best-laid self-care and workplace happiness plans… conservation workplaces tend to be collaborative, and right now everyone is their own island
  • 24:00 Social interaction is a lifeline of energy for some people… working from home is hard on extroverts
  • 27:00 Environmental Identity – Marcia undergoes a sample diagnostic!
  • 29:00 What’s your earliest outdoor memory? What was your family’s culture toward the outdoors?
  • 32:00 There’s no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ relationship to nature… everyone’s relationship is just different
  • 36:00 Your environmental identity is always evolving… it changed when you took your first shot at a big-game animal
  • 38:00 Watching five Wisconsin bucks in the rut – totally in the zone
  • 40:00 Deer fawn meets pheasant rooster
  • 41:00 What’s your personal breaking point for time spent sitting in a tree stand? Two hours? Five hours?
  • 42:00 Find Michelle online at
  • 43:00 “Embracing Embeddedness” – Michelle’s take on all the hunting feels
  • 46:00 NEWS! Artemis hires a new coordinator in the Southeast