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Join Ashley Chance as she talks to the adventurous, accomplished women who are redefining conservation through their lives in the field and on the water.

Tiffiny Sanders on Building an Inclusive Outdoors

Tiffiny Sanders is a mother of four, an avid sportswoman, and an ambassador who aims to connect others with the outdoors. Tiffiny is an adult-onset hunter who got into sporting when she got together with her husband. In this episode: waterfowl retrieval in gator country, food as medicine, the tension between loving animals and harvesting them, race and identity, and building a community of hunters. 

2:00 Hunting in the Florida heat: stay cool, acclimated to the heat, and covered up from insects

4:00 Gator bait trivia: Which body part floats and rots nicely? 

7:00 “I’m definitely an outdoors grocery shopper.”

9:00 Waterfowl hunting in Florida & retrieving ducks in gator country

13:00 Adult-onset hunting, large families, and sticking with it through small kids

14:00 Acquiring hunting knowledge online (YouTube, podcasts, articles, etc) and distilling the useful parts

19:00 Outdoors & natural foods as medicine

23:00 Nontypical Outdorsman– promoting outdoor diversity and inclusion by education and outreach

27:00 @lolaofthesouth 

29:00 The tension between loving animals and also harvesting them for food

32:00 Choosing your role in the food system

33:00 Looking different than your family (both natal and family by marriage)

36:00 When farm children go vegetarian & embracing the freedom of choice for your kids

41:00 The JOY of watching your kids succeed in the field, and anticipating a similar journey with your grandkids

43:00 Teaching hunter’s ed, becoming an Artemis ambassador… SHARING the wisdom/power/knowledge of sporting with others = a joy in and of itself

46:00 Artemis waterfowl hunt on the horizon in Florida toward the end of January, keep an eye out for registration

47:00 Franchi Affinity Catalyst, a shotgun designed for women

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