The Artemis Podcast

Join Marcia Brownlee and co-hosts Maggie Heumann and Becca Aceto as they talk to the adventurous, accomplished women who are redefining conservation through their lives in the field and on the water.

Dust Off Your Dreams with Mandela Van Eeden

Artemis heads afield this week to talk with storyteller and adventurer Mandela van Eeden in Montana. Mandela’s upbringing was split between South Africa, where her family harvested from the sea, and Montana – where they gratefully accepted the river’s bounty. She went on to become a raft guide in the Grand Canyon and in New Zealand. Mandela talks to us about connecting to place, pursuing your dreams, and how we can care for what sustains us. Plus, a black bear walks in on Marcia and Mandela mid-way through the episode. (No jokes, folks!)

  • 4:00 All the ‘boks’ in Africa, which is Afrikaans for ‘deer’ (springbok, bontebok, gemsbok)
  • 5:00 A childhood split between the African bush and Montana, leaving your heart in both
  • 11:00 Three Gorges Dam & the Yangtze River
  • 12:00 Storytelling with sound and music AND raft guiding both hemispheres
  • 16:00 What’s the core value that makes us do what we do?
  • 18:00 The Oily River Rendezvous and seeing an oil spill from the river’s view
  • 19:00 “If you think you’re too little to make a difference, you’ve obviously not spent the night with a mosquito.”
  • 22:00 “Grand Canyon pink” – a rattlesnake endemic to that space
  • 24:00 Getting Primitive program gets kids into bushcrafting
  • 27:00 Fish in one hand, shark in the other
  • 30:00 Fly-fishing as a family affair
  • 32:00 Podcast interrupted by a black bear… yep, bonafide bear strolling through!
  • 37:00 The myriad of ways in which people gather from the sea
  • 38:00 NWF Outdoors podcast, Vanishing Seasons
  • 41:00 If you want to connect with a place… BE there. Fully present. Cease the wandering mind.
  • 42:00 Yoga sutras written by Pantanjali
  • 49:00 Connection to the outdoors through harvest + patience and mindfulness
  • 50:00 The value of a mentor
  • 54:00 Riverboarding the Grand Canyon for 15 days… the dream started with a flip (link to article?)
  • 56:00 Thalweg: the fastest current in the river
  • 59:00 “Go into your dream closet and dust off some of those ones you’ve filed away.”
  • 1:03 Introducing family to game – antelope and bear… and recruiting a nephew into the ranks
  • 1:06 Listen to what your body tells you to eat (plus, spearfishing)