The Artemis Podcast – Presented by Hunt To Eat

Join Marcia Brownlee and co-hosts Maggie Heumann and Becca Aceto as they talk to the adventurous, accomplished women who are redefining conservation through their lives in the field and on the water.

EP 37: ‘CONNECTION’ with Filmmakers Tracy Nguyen-Chung & Ciara Lacy 

Imagine this: You see a film that fosters such big thoughts and ideas that you have to share it with others, and discuss! That’s the idea behind Tracy Nguyen-Chung and Ciara Lacy’s work. In ‘Connection,’ both filmmakers follow Autumn Harry, a member of the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe, on her journey as a fly-fisher. Along the way, they bring to the forefront the multitude of connections intersecting with and highlighted by our experiences on the water. In this episode we talk about the importance of these connections and some of the prevalent stereotypes in fishing and how to change them.

  • 1:00 Humanities Montana – check out their ‘Gather Round’ toolkit — it’s meant to inspire big discussions that matter to people in the great outdoors (well, all of us)
  • 5:00 The art of telling a culturally specific story that resonates universally
  • 7:00 From Vietnam to the U.S., a father’s passion for fishing is passed along to his daughter, Tracy
  • 8:30 And in Hawaii, Ciara grew up in a ‘catch and release’ family when it came to tilapia… which has oddly made a comeback in fine dining
  • 10:00 Tracy and Ciara’s film is “Connection“, it started with a vision to uplift the image of people of color in fishing. It’s the story of an indigenous woman and her discovery of fly-fishing.
  • 14:00 Connections… to geography, to culture, to water, to environment, to self
  • 17:00 Brown Folks Fishing – most storytelling is through Insta; it’s a volunteer-run non-profit to gather and support a community of BIPOC anglers
  • 19:00 Growing up in a family hobby, like fishing, and then promptly leaving it during college… and making a full circle as an adult
  • 21:00 Public-facing parts of the fishing community — industry, Insta profiles, groups, etc — they’re predominantly white (and male). The conservation space is similar.
  • 24:00 People from BIPOC communities are totally out there fishing (hugely!), but they’re just not represented in most of the industry
  • 26:00 Two privileged and flawed points of view from naysayers: fishing is a place where we should go to ‘escape’ and BIPOC anglers don’t exist in this space unless it’s affordable.
  • 28:00 Storytelling as an advocacy tool. For Ciara, it started with seeing her mom as an organizer for the Native Hawaiian community
  • 30:00 Part of good storytelling is letting people know what they should be thinking about… those life challenges that slip the radar for some. (Pssst… that’s what the ‘Gather Round’ toolkits are all about!)
  • 36:00 What even IS a ‘conservation angler’? It’s not something that’s automatically given to you the minute you step into the river. It takes intention and practice.
  • 40:00 Spin-fishing: it’s totally cool, everyone!
  • 45:00 ‘Connections’ the film started as a passion project… its trajectory has far surpassed early expectations
  • 47:30 Adventures from documentary filmmaking: Getting an inmate a last-minute bouquet of flowers on his release day so he could give them to his fiancée.
  • 49:00 On being human first, filmmaker second
  • 50:30 “Out of State” documentary, which first aired on PBS
  • 51:00 Find Ciara’s work at
  • 52:00 Making fishing films? Four seasons in a day! (And a hard-knock life for film equipment)
  • 54:00 Find Tracy online at
  • 55:00 “Connections” was underwritten by Orvis, which has been a long-time supporter of Brown Folks Fish. The film will be released later this year on Orvis’ website, and also at the LA Asian Pacific Film Festival and the Hawaii International Film Festival before then
  • 57:00 Brown Folks Fishing fellowship lab and the Angling for All Pledge
  • 1:00:00 Gather Round has a ‘connection kit’ focused on four water-themed films… you’ve got to check it out! Request your free toolkit from Humanities Montana today.

EP 36: Squirrels, Deer, and Finding Your Joy Again with Cindy Stites

Indiana hunter Cindy Stites found her way into the field after exiting an abusive marriage. With every hunt, she slowly saw the return of her old self — someone who’s confident, happy, and adventurous. The more she got into hunting, the more she adopted a new attitude to opportunities that came her way: “Start saying yes.” She said ‘yes’ to becoming a hunter ed instructor, ‘yes’ to mentoring youth in the field, ‘yes’ to getting involved with conservation groups. This tactic opened up a number of new doors, and Cindy realized it was the healthy human relationships she formed through hunting that were bringing her happiness.

  • 6:00 Froggin’ in Alabama-speak is “giggin'”… and there’s a special frog-sized pitchfork for this activity
  • 10:00 A youth bow for small-framed ladies (Cindy is 5″3′) is the Bear Apprentice 2
  • 11:00 A thought that’s crossed every adult-onset hunter’s mindspace: “What if I’d been doing this for the past 15 years?”
  • 12:00 An ill-fated rabbit hunt with a child: The rabbit started screaming, then the child started screaming, and the parent wonders if maybe just maybe hunting alone is better for everyone.
  • 12:30 Cindy’s piece on becoming an engaged conservationist Step up and Volunteer for Conservation. (which was preceded by an incredible moment: April Vokey says, “What’s your dream job, Cindy?”)
  • 15:00 “Start saying yes” — it can totally change your life. For Cindy, it started with someone asking if she wanted to volunteer teaching archery to 4-H kids. Then someone asked if she wanted to teach hunter’s ed. “Yes” can lead you a lot of places!
  • 16:00 ‘Yes’ leads to organizations like BHA, Pheasants Forever, National Turkey Federation… a bonafide snowball scenario
  • 17:00 The learning curve of being a well-informed conservationist? It’s a lingo’d journey. Research, research, research. And if you’re a storyteller? Break it down for others.
  • 18:30 Cindy’s piece on caribou conservation – coming soon!
  • 24:00 Your “in” to spreading the conservation love… it may be getting someone outside, sparking their interest… OR, it might be that moment when someone says “What’s a pebble mine?” and you’re totally ready for that one
  • 27:00 Getting into something new — hunting/fishing/anything — at a rocky/transitional time in your life can be totally transformative. 
  • 30:00 Hunting as an adult: A series of failures until things slowly start to click, your confidence goes up, and it gets to be FUN.
  • 40:00 Meaningful hunting experiences with family = highlights of life. Relationships are at the center of everything
  • 48:00 The squirrel “sploot”… you can’t go wrong Googling this for 10 minutes or more
  • 49:00 That moment when you have food poisoning, even though you didn’t eat out, and you realize YOU gave YOU food poisoning… #cheffail