Passionate hunters, anglers, and leaders committed to building a community dedicated to Artemis’ wild spirit and conservation ethos.

An Artemis Community is a local community of sportswomen who come together to build relationships between hunters and anglers, support each other in the field and on the water, and learn more about conservation issues impacting our public lands, waters, and wildlife. Each community is led by a dedicated volunteer Artemis Ambassador. Check out the map below to see if there’s an Artemis Community in your area.

Many of our Ambassadors are also creating online communities of women hunters and anglers in their state. Check out the list below to see if there is an Artemis Facebook Group in your state or region!

Apply to be an Artemis Ambassador

Are you interested in joining our awesome Ambassador ranks? We welcome a new cohort of Artemis Ambassadors at the beginning of each new year. Keep an eye out for our 2022 Ambassador Application process in January 2022! Please email with any questions. In the meantime, get involved and stay up-to-date by signing up for our newsletter!