Passionate hunters, anglers, and leaders committed to building a community of women dedicated to Artemis’ wild spirit and conservation ethos.

State Ambassadors boldly carry the conservation torch for the modern sportswoman by engaging in every facet of the sporting conservation life and supporting others to do the same.

Kathy Hadley – Montana

Kathy Hadley

In addition to being Montana’s State Ambassador, Kathy is an Artemis Co-Founder. She is a lifelong hunter and fly fishing angler. Kathy is the mother of two sons and lives on a ranch in western Montana with her husband Wayne. She has been a volunteer and board member of the Montana Wildlife Federation for many years and is also the Chair of the National Wildlife Federation Board of Directors. She has a great job as the ED of a national nonprofit (National Center for Appropriate Technology) in Butte, MT that works with people and organizations interested in clean energy and sustainable agriculture practices and systems. Kathy has a BS and MS in Biology from the State University College at Buffalo, NY.

Rachel Buswell – Montana

Rachel is a Montana native who has always been passionate about the outdoors and hunting. She has been a volunteer Hunter Education instructor for almost fifteen years and she enjoys fishing and spending time outdoors with her husband, Kyle.

Rachel’s passion lies with educating women in the many different aspects of outdoor life. She grew up spending as much time as possible in the outdoors and is enthusiastic about sharing her experiences and knowledge with other women. She is an avid long-distance trail runner and spends her summers “playing in the mountains” to train for various races. Rachel received her Bachelor and Master’s degrees in accounting from Montana State University.

Becca Aceto – Idaho

Becca grew up in southwest Ohio, the hardwood forests and small creeks of the state her roadmap. She received a B.S. in Natural Resources from the University of Kentucky and brought her passions west, working as a wilderness ranger in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness, as well as compiling data under the collaborative Greater Sage-grouse Habitat Assessment Framework monitoring project and monitoring cattle and sheep grazing allotments on the Sawtooth National Forest. She is seldom without a camera or pen and paper and her writing has been featured by outdoor companies and other publications.

An avid outdoorswoman, Becca tends to seek out the quieter places on the map. She enjoys hunting, fly fishing, foraging for wild edible plants, skiing and horseback riding across the wide-ranging pubic lands of Idaho. She is a strong advocate for this state’s wild places and is passionate about working to retain healthy wildlife populations and habitat, accessible public land, as well as connecting others with this state’s diverse natural resources and landscapes. Becca is also the Communications and Outreach Coordinator for the Idaho Wildlife Federation.

Ashley Beyer – New Mexico

Ashley is a born and raised southern New Mexican, proud wife, and mother of two young daughters. Ashley is a passionate outdoors woman, advocate, and organizer in her community. Growing up, she spent much of her time hunting and fishing on public lands. As an adult, the time Ashley values most is spent outdoors with her family. She has made it her goal to ensure our youth, and all future generations will experience the many lessons learned from the outdoors. Even more so, Ashley wants to help improve dialogue amongst all players in the conservation and outdoors community. In New Mexico she works with many groups and individuals to increase civic involvement. Increasing civic involvement in our sportswomen and sportsmen can have an empowering and lasting effect. She looks forward to working with Artemis and other groups in the conservation community to protect, improve, and celebrate our public lands, public waters, and wildlife.

Kamilia Elsisie – New Mexico

Kamilia was born in Wyoming where she lived for a short time before moving to New Mexico at the age of seven with her father. Growing up, Kamilia was very active in the outdoors, she was fortunate to go on many trips and adventures like white water rafting the Middle Fork Salmon in Idaho, back country pack trips in the Gila Wilderness in New Mexico and fishing and canoeing in the Arctic Circle in Northern Alaska. These experiences helped her passion for the outdoors grow and it also planted a seed of wanting to protect our public lands, water and wildlife for the future generations to experience and explore, like she has done.

Kamilia did not grow up hunting but had always wanted to have the opportunity too. It was not until recently, a good friend introduced her to the lifestyle and community of local hunters and anglers in Central New Mexico. She is what we like to call an “adult onset hunter.” She went on her first waterfowl hunt four years ago and that was all it took for her to fall in love with hunting. Since than she has had the opportunity to hunt big game, small game and upland game birds in multiple states, all while doing it on public land. Through her various hunts, Kamilia became more and more aware of issues threatening access to public land(s), public waterways and wildlife. This sparked her interest in conservation efforts, public education and policy change because without this perspective hunting and fishing is at risk due to habit loss, access to public land and waterways and the overall health and management of our wildlife.

Emily Ledergerber-Doig – Colorado

Emily is outside as much as humanly possible. She is always looking for her next adventure, whether it’s hiking, biking, backpacking, backcountry skiing, trail running, riding horses, honing in on her archery skills in the backyard, or heading out for her next hunt. She believes that conservation and recreation can live hand in hand if we all work together to improve the great earth we live on.

She’s an outdoor enthusiast to her core. Growing up in Michigan, she was blessed to be raised on a horse farm, where she learned the true meaning of hard work and grit. She was also lucky to have a father that is a boyer and has been shooting a traditional bow since she was very young. And until a few years ago, had never hunted.

After several tag-along hunts with her husband and miles and miles of trudging through the wilderness without her bow, she finally asked herself why she wasn’t hunting too. She started turkey and elk hunting soon after and recently just got her first bighorn sheep.

She loves a good cup of coffee in the backcountry. In the summer, she prefers sleeping in her tent more often than her bed. And when home, she enjoys growing and harvesting her own food. She is also a huge supporter of conservation and advocating for land, water and wildlife, and believes public lands should be kept in public hands.

Emily lives in Durango, CO with her husband, dog, cat and backyard chickens. Always exploring, check out her adventures on instagram @cookie_fleck.

Chelsea Cassens – Oregon

Chelsea was born in Eastern Oregon where she was raised on public lands and wild places. She’s grown up in the footsteps of longtime outdoorsmen and women, who influenced and raised her to be involved in hunting, fishing, camping, and conservation efforts since a very young age. Hunting and fishing have always been a staple for food and nourishment in her family. The memories and priceless adventures that come with the outdoors are a bonus to their way of life. Her conservation efforts have naturally aligned with this passion through the years, especially since becoming a mother and raising two young and very adventurous children. Chelsea sees the importance of maintaining a healthy landscape with wild animals, and how it truly creates a place for anyone to escape, seek solace, or even deliver a purpose for many generations to come. Chelsea believes that everyone at some level cares for fish and wildlife as well as clean air and clean water. She sees that the women in Artemis embody a whole vision of truly becoming a general conservationist; we love it all, we are here to protect it, and become a strong voice for all. Chelsea feels so honored and is truly appreciative to become a part of an organization that hopes to motivate, inspire, and keep women invigorated about conservation. Chelsea received her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from the University of Portland.

Kyla West – Washington

Kyla’s dedication to all wild things was evident from the time she was two years old and walking.  As her father recalls, when he had “at least 2 hours to spare” they would take walks around the block – allowing her sufficient time to investigate every rock, insect, shrub, and flower along their route. Growing up on the east coast, she established her roots in upland bird hunting and angling enjoying the natural beauty of outdoor life.  Kyla began her professional commitment as a wildlife biologist at age 15, when she received a scholarship in wildlife management and conservation, management and stewardship and began to assume ever increasing leadership roles in her field.  Over the last decade Kyla has developed a robust interdisciplinary scientific and applied research portfolio.

Kyla is a graduate of the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry after which she continued to be actively involved in wildlife rehabilitation, habitat management, population monitoring, and ecology-based restoration. With a particular focus on carnivore ecology and behavior, Kyla has researched keystone and endangered species, and advocates for public engagement in science by providing outreach to a variety of stakeholders. Her commitment to species restoration, conservation, and education, combined with strong ethical considerations, has been a consistent part of her work.

A resident of Washington State, Kyla’s compassion for wild things and wild places inspired her to find Ambassadorship with the PNW Outdoor Women Group. She is thrilled to join the bold and empowering women of Artemis so that the recreational heritage and values she grew up can be shared and preserved for every generation to come.

Cynthia Barlow – Wyoming

A native to Wyoming, Cindy Barlow grew up in Sheridan, Wyoming, a small town girl. She has always loved the great outdoors and thanks to her older brother, she began hunting at a very early age. After her education, she moved to Buffalo, Wyoming where she had a family of her own. They lived on the steerhead ranch and she did what all ranch wives do. Worked in town, came home and helped harrowing meadows, irrigating, moving cows and breaking horses. With Cindy’s great love of agriculture, it is easy to say that her true passion is to always be in the great outdoors. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Business and has held some impressive jobs. Her life experiences will be a great asset as an Artemis Ambassador.

With trying to get back to her roots. This last year Cindy Barlow became a Big Game Outfitter in Wyoming. The name of her operation is Antelope Creek Outfitters, LLC. Her focus is to teach women, men and children the art of harvesting big game animals. She is a strong advocate for conservation, and knows the importance of helping to maintain healthy wildlife populations and their habitat. Cindy is an advocate of public lands, and knows the importance of keeping easy access available for one and all to enjoy.

Tona Leiseth – Montana

Tona Leiseth is a 5th generation Idahoan, now living on a mountain top outside Bozeman, MT.  When she isn’t out in the woods skiing, biking, kayaking or exploring, she is working on new recipes based on whole foods and harvested meat while raising her 5 yr old daughter as a peaceful warrior.  She hosts retreats to educate people on life in the mountains, and skills courses to build confidence among female outdoor enthusiasts.  Although new to conservation and hunting on her own, she has a long history of running support in hunting, butchering and cooking, and living off the grid. She aims to impassion others about our public lands and wildlife and to build community around advocacy.