My outdoors passion was born on LWCF land in the Sierra Nevada’s of California.  I couldn’t get enough of hiking through the wilderness. After I moved back to a Northern California valley I found myself pushing myself further and becoming aware of my natural resources. Although I feel that I have graduated from just hiking trails to all forms of hunting and fishing, the fundamentals stay the same. I need public lands, ones that are clean and accessible and exists as they were supposed to and managed correctly.

As my passion grew so did my notice of those who might not know what they have. Every time I go out scouting or hiking I take an extra bag to haul out trash. I have started collecting cans and water bottles and as I turn them in for recycling I take that money and donate it back to organizations that value the land and waterways the same as I do.

This summer, we packed up and hit parts of PCT in some of the high country. We were able to catch trout, scout for deer and bears, and enjoy some of the most beautiful country!