VISION: Artemis envisions a world where a growing movement of sportswomen are empowered and actively engaged in enjoying, defending, and advocating for the conservation of America’s irreplaceable lands, waters, and wildlife.

MISSION: The mission of Artemis is to:

  • Protect sporting traditions by elevating and empowering a diversity of sportswomen’s voices to protect all facets of the sporting conservation life.
  • Ensure that the lands, waters, and wildlife the sportswoman’s way of life depends on thrives in a rapidly changing world.

CONSTITUENCY: Artemis serves as an open community and platform for the archetypal and emerging sportswoman. The woman who is dedicated to wildlife and wild places wherever they exist, and in turn, ensuring these places are conserved for present and future generations. The woman who can skin a deer, hook a trout, or fight for the larger ecosystems these species are a part of—and the woman who wants to learn how. The woman who can navigate the backcountry as easily as the halls of congress or her local game commission. The woman who is a leader, a spokesperson, an advocate, and a mentor and teacher for the next generation of hunters and anglers.

OUTCOMES: Artemis’ 2017-2019 body of work will focus on empowering sportswomen to advance solutions for the protection, conservation, and better management of America’s public lands, waters, and wildlife, while laying a solid organizational foundation for enduring success. In these initial years, efforts will prioritize Artemis’ six current geographies: Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, South Dakota and Wyoming. The Artemis Strategic Framework will serve as the roadmap for building community engagement and leadership, campaigns and initiatives, along with the communications, advocacy, and political engagement skills needed to spark emergence of a sportswoman-led conservation movement that is replicable and scalable. Overtime, this work will not only deliver substantive conservation policy and political wins, but also build the power of a constituency with the capacity to transform the voice and face of American conservation.


These overarching strategic goals will help frame and define Artemis’ entry points for engagement in 2017-2019, and most likely in the years ahead.

  1. Organize, Elevate, Engage & Empower a Diversity of Sportswomen Conservationists
  2. Protect Priority Fish & Wildlife Species, Public Lands & Threatened Landscapes & Waterways
  3. Inspire, Teach & Demonstrate a Sportswoman’s Conservation Ethos


  1. Build a movement of 8,000 Western sportswomen, who embody the hunting & angling conservation and stewardship ethos and demonstrate the unique role woman hunters & anglers can play in the fight to defend America’s wild species and places.
  2. Protect and restore 60 million acres of priority sage grouse and mule deer habitat.
  3. Transform wildlife conservation through targeted state legislative, regulatory, and policy reform that builds local constituencies and momentum and is able to leverage change from the state to the national level.
  4. Defend current conservation laws (e.g., The Antiquities Act, LWCF).
  5. Establish the capacity of sportswomen to develop influential narratives and communicate, advocate, facilitate, mentor, and lead the fight for America’s public lands, waters, and wildlife.
  6. Create strategic opportunities for sportswomen and girls to connect with wildlife and wilderness through leadership development, skills-building, shared experience, and hands-on restoration/conservation projects.
  7. Develop a dynamic sportswoman’s community, representative of all walks of life, that comes together around a shared conservation vision that promotes camaraderie and a dedication to working, playing, and fighting for wildlife and wild land together.
  8. Create structural and governance systems for Artemis that integrate the Initiative into NWF in a way that is seamless, efficient, impactful, and mutually beneficial.