My name is Rhonda Gomez and as a sportswoman, I am very thankful to have access to LWCF land. I hunt and fish in the great state of New Mexico. To me, hunting and especially fishing is more than just a sport. My husband and I have a special needs daughter so our daily lives […]

“Crank one, babe” he whispered, motioning toward the sprawling valley below us. Our shed hunt had quickly turned into a wild turkey stalk, leading us up a drainage and across the pine-covered ridge. With each beginner’s attempt at my mouth call, an enthusiastic gobble erupted in reply. Somehow, that sound alone was enough to send […]

I walked up the hill, my headlamp casting shadows on the young regenerating lodgepole pines. Before reaching my morning sit spot I turned off my light and let the darkness settle in. In a world seemingly void of light and sound I crept the last few yards to the place I hoped to sit and […]

Alaska is a truly a land of opportunity in terms of public lands. Protein harvest is a central part of life for most Alaskans and their Federal lands managers and Alaska Fish and Game have ensured that everyone from traditional users to non-residents can have a chance to gather their fill. I am fortunate to […]

    As a Colorado native, my dad made sure to get us out camping, fishing, or hiking.  I’ll admit that I didn’t love those long hikes, but at 14, he nudged me right into the deep end with all the expectations elk hunting requires of you. Suddenly, it was like he let me in on […]

                                                                        October 15, 2017 my husband and I were hunting in Payette National Forest down an old Forest Service road. […]

                                          The reverberation from the shot of my .270 had faded and the cow’s head had begun to sink towards the ground as I looked 20 yards downhill to my husband, Bryan, and whispered to […]

Congrats to our LWCF Story Challenge First Place Winner!

By Kristy Filbin One of the most successful conservation programs over the last 50 years, the Land and Water Conservation Fund, is set to expire at the end of this month. Honestly, I had no idea this program even existed until a few weeks ago – and now it’s going to go away?! We can’t […]

LWCF Story Challenge Results!

Artemis threw the gauntlet down and you picked it up! For our LWCF Story Challenge, we asked you to tell a hunting or fishing story that took place on LWCF land. We asked you for a story that would make people stop for a second and see how LWCF – a landmark conservation act – […]

LWCF Story Challenge

[metaslider id=325] Read the full stories here: Artemis is rallying for the permanent reauthorization of the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF). One of the most important aspects of advocacy is storytelling. It makes people stop for a second and see how issues impact our daily lives. We want to hear your story about hunting […]