What is an Artemis Community?

An Artemis Community is a group of local sportswomen who come together to build relationships between hunters and anglers, support each other in the field and on the water, and learn more about conservation issues impacting our public lands, waters, and wildlife. Each community is led by a volunteer Artemis Ambassador.

If your area already boasts a strong community of sportswomen, becoming an Ambassador is a great way to actively incorporate conservation. Artemis would love to support the work you’re already doing!

What does an Artemis Ambassador do?

  • Commits to supporting the growth of a community in their area by holding regular gatherings for women hunters and anglers.
  • Commits to engaging their community in learning about, participating in, and advocating for conservation.
  • Commits to building an inclusive community.
  • Holds a minimum of 4 events per year to bring women hunters and anglers together to build community, enhance sporting capacity, and discuss important local and national conservation issues.
  • Communicates monthly via email or phone with Artemis staff

What are Ambassador qualification Requirements?

  • Ambassador must have a demonstrated commitment to hunting, fishing and conservation and participate in an application process before being selected for service.
  • Ambassadors commit to serving a 2-year term and assist in the recruitment and selection of their successor.

How will Artemis support Ambassadors?

  • Artemis will provide a monthly e-packet of guided conversations, background information on specific conservation issues, or opportunities for specific advocacy actions.
  • Artemis will provide information and training on how to build a successful, sustainable and inclusive community group, with the flexibility and understanding that each community may have an individualized approach.
  • Artemis will provide information and training on effective advocacy strategies and important skills in conservation leadership.
  • Artemis staff will be available upon request for questions and consultation.
  • Artemis will connect each Ambassador to their National Wildlife Federation Director of Conservation Partnership and state affiliate.
  • Artemis will assist in connecting each Ambassador to state agencies, commissions, partner organizations, and decision makers.

How can I become an Ambassador?

Email artemis@nwf.org with any other questions!