Just two weeks ago, I had the trip of a lifetime to the Kenai peninsula in Alaska. We left for the airport at 0700, arrived in Anchorage at 1400, and were fishing on the Kenai river at Centennial campground by 1800. The seven of us in our group descended the slope of the river using one of 25 aluminum staircases, specifically designed to protect the banks of the river and fish habitat. With all 7 of us lined up on the shore, waist deep in ice cold water, trying to stay on our feet and not snag each other’s line…we managed to catch a few fish and stumble our way through the art of landing a sockeye (red) salmon. After the long trip and jet-lag, the idealist in me thought we would get to bed early that night. HA! We fished until we were forced to quit-we caught our limit just as the midnight sun was setting (3am our time!). Just a few short hours later, the sun was peeking over the horizon, and there we were, rods in hand, once again trying to stay on our feet in the frigid Kenai waters, just hoping to feel that tug-tug.