Location: Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge, Afognak, AK

It was November 29th, 2012 and it had snowed almost 8 inches overnight. I was hunting with my husband and his father in law that day. The three of us were dropped off separately on small beaches that were relatively close to each other but far enough apart that we each had our own area to hunt in.

It was still snowing out and these huge fat flakes were coming down. It was surreal walking in the wood in complete silence watching the snowfall.

About 15 minutes into my walk thru the woods, I hear a loud BANG! While I was happy to hear that, I was also silently cursing my husband because I knew it was him and I knew he had gotten a deer. I was sure now there was no way I was going see anything for a while… I turned on my radio to check in with him and he told me he got one and to keep hunting.

I kept walking resigned to the fact that I was not going to see anything till I got a ways away from him.

I crested a small hill and started to make my way down when I heard loud footsteps that sounded like something was trotting towards me. I stopped and a buck came into view, heading right for me on the same trail I was following. I was shocked. He stopped at about 80 yards away, looked at me, and slowly started to walk closer to me, then paused. I shouldered my 7mm-08 as fast as I could and fired a shot off. He took about three steps and fell over. This was the first deer I had ever harvested all by myself.

The unique recreating opportunity that this area provides is unmatched anywhere in the world. I will remember this hunt and this place for the rest of my life. I have since shot more than a dozen deer on that island and plan to return soon.