My name is Rhonda Gomez and as a sportswoman, I am very thankful to have access to LWCF land. I hunt and fish in the great state of New Mexico. To me, hunting and especially fishing is more than just a sport. My husband and I have a special needs daughter so our daily lives are filled with work, doctors appointments, and school meetings. So days that I get to go outdoors and fish is a form of therapy for me. It is my way of escaping a hectic week and just putting everything aside to relax and in a way reboot myself. It is not only therapy for myself but also for my family. My daughter has seizures but when we go fishing she seems to really calm down and not have so many seizures. Being outdoors in the natural light and listening to the water and “nature” provides such positive stimulation for my daughter and it helps all of us to totally de-stress. I have been lucky and blessed to live so close to the Rio Grande which is one of my favorite places to fish. Without access to the Rio Grande as well as to other LWCF land my family and I wouldn’t have such beautiful and peaceful places to relax. These places are truly hidden treasures and it’s amazing how even a quick trip to these places can change someones entire mood and create such positive and radiant energy. As a sportswoman I feel it’s more than just going and trying to catch fish, it’s a bonding experience with my family that creates good vibes 100% of the time.