Alaska is a truly a land of opportunity in terms of public lands. Protein harvest is a central part of life for most Alaskans and their Federal lands managers and Alaska Fish and Game have ensured that everyone from traditional users to non-residents can have a chance to gather their fill. I am fortunate to just have filled my freezer with a caribou from a recent expansion of the Noatak National Preserve. While camped on a small lake near the Nigu River we were able to see grizzles, wolverines, muskox and experience the fall caribou migration. As we sat of the bank of that lake having caribou tenderloin for dinner there was no doubt in our hearts that in that moment we were truly the luckiest group of people on Earth. The combination of the effort needed to reach, hunt, and survive in this remote area, good friends to share the time with and the breathtaking scenery all wrapped up into an experience beyond description; an experience that I have to imagine is unique to North America due to our wildlife management and public lands policies.