As sportswomen and conservationists, we do more than hunt and fish. The complete sportswoman can skin a deer, land a burly bass, navigate in the wild, and she knows her game commissioners and politicians, knows wildlife laws, defends all wildlife, advocates on their behalf, and teaches others these skills. Artemis embodies the definition of the complete sportswoman and sees it as our duty to use our platform to promote and teach this philosophy. Welcome to our team of complete sportswomen!

People you met during this course:


  • Ashley Chance (
  • Mary Jo Brooks ( – Writing to legislators


  • Kevin Botts ( – Director of Policy
  • Aubrey Thompson ( – Policy Coordinator
  • Colleen Dolan ( – Director of Communications

Course Participant List

Becky Massey – Tennessee State Senator

Patsy Hazlewood – Tennessee State Representative

Angie Box ( – Tennessee Fish and Wildlife Commission Chairman

Dr. Dwayne Estes – Biology professor/Grasslands Field Day

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Resource List

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Thank you for becoming a conservation advocate!

Write a love note to public lands!

Mary Jo Brooks publishes these short notes here and would love to publish a note from each of you.

Marcia and Ashley have both written one and it’s a low stakes way to dip your toes in the water of advocating for the existence and importance of public lands and waters.