Women are too often underrepresented in the sporting and conservation communities. Although women make up more than 25% of anglers, roughly 20% of hunters, and are the fastest growing segment of the sporting community (a 90% increase in the last 15 years), they seldom have leadership roles in sporting conservation or are the face of conservation campaigns.

Artemis co-founder Maggie Heumann and her friends, Blair Loughrie (left) and Anna Wells (right) heading to fish Green River Lake in the Wind River Mountains, WY

This dynamic underutilizes key cogs in the conservation wheel and fails to optimize our collective strengths that will ultimately help the conservation movement be stronger, more effective, and more inclusive.

Artemis changes this scenario by bringing sportswomen together to create a strong community of advocates for fish, wildlife and public lands who work to elevate sportswomen voices and actively develop sportswomen as leaders.

Artemis works to deploy the talents of the best and brightest sportswomen and provide resources for women to maximize their potential as leaders in fish, wildlife, and conservation vocations. We enlist women mentors who share knowledge and experiences aimed at helping others hone their leadership skills. We host events that feature women leaders and build women’s leadership networks that help women develop their conservation skill sets.

A Week in the Life of a Complete Sportswoman