By Bethany Beathard

I went into this turkey season with a different mindset. This was my first time turkey hunting! First, I have a to say I’ve have a phobia of most birds🙃 it has gotten better over the years; but, I was ready to conquer my fears! I love the outdoors and want to diversify my hunting skill set! But it’s more then all that!! My late grandfather was  our hunting patriarch!  Hunting heritage was something he valued. He didn’t want this life style dying out with him. On this hunt I used his old Lynch box call.  Seeing some hens respond I knew my days of practicing weren’t in vain. Though, I came back empty handed I feel strong! Knowing I was ready to face my bird fear😂 and bring more diversity to my hunting life. But also carrying on a legacy using my grandpa’s call and walking in his footsteps.