Cindy Barlow

A native to Wyoming, Cindy Barlow grew up in Sheridan, Wyoming, a small town girl. She has always loved the great outdoors and thanks to her older brother, she began hunting at a very early age. After her education, she moved to Buffalo, Wyoming where she had a family of her own. They lived on the steerhead ranch and she did what all ranch wives do. Worked in town, came home and helped harrowing meadows, irrigating, moving cows and breaking horses. With Cindy’s great love of agriculture, it is easy to say that her true passion is to always be in the great outdoors. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Business and has held some impressive jobs. Her life experiences will be a great asset as an Artemis Ambassador.

With trying to get back to her roots. This last year Cindy Barlow became a Big Game Outfitter in Wyoming. The name of her operation is Antelope Creek Outfitters, LLC. Her focus is to teach women, men and children the art of harvesting big game animals. She is a strong advocate for conservation, and knows the importance of helping to maintain healthy wildlife populations and their habitat. Cindy is an advocate of public lands, and knows the importance of keeping easy access available for one and all to enjoy.

Sara Domek

Sara grew up in the high sagebrush sea of western Wyoming. While a love for horses was a primary obsession for much of her childhood, Sara loved following in her father’s footsteps fishing and hunting on Wyoming’s public lands. Sara’s family spends a lot of time outside, and from her experiences working on Forest Service trail crews to her current role as the Executive Director of the National Bighorn Sheep Center, Sara is professionally and personally deeply dedicated to wildlife, public lands and the outdoors. She loves to hunt, and her passion for archery hunting grew exponentially this past season with an exhilarating full-draw encounter with a bull. Sara is passionate about helping to empower more women’s voices in public lands and wildlife conservation, and being part of the bold team of women who make up Artemis