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Python Hunting with Amy Siewe and Anne Gordon-Vega

Yasss, pythons. Not a typo. This week on the podcast, we hear about how Amy Siewe went from snake lover to snake hunter — and how her hunting pal Anne Gordon-Vega also became a python contractor. Pythons aren’t native to Florida, and they wreak havoc on native ecosystems. So… when you find a 17-foot python big enough to swallow a deer, in the middle of the night, and you’re alone… how DO you handle that? 

  • 3:30 Badass python-hunters are grandmas, too! 
  • 5:00 Life transition: Going from being a real estate broker in Indiana to a Florida python hunter
  • 7:00 A brief history of pythons in Florida… a non-native, apex predator
  • 9:30 “In the southern part of the state we’ve lost over 90% of all mammals.” It’s shocking. No opossums, no raccoons, no marsh rabbits. 
  • 12:00 Miami, drugs & exotic pets
  • 14:00 Pythons are VERY difficult to find in the wild
  • 15:00 What eats baby pythons? Plus, python breeding
  • 17:00 Two python facts: They’re the only snake that sits a nest, and the “babies” are 18-24 inches when they’re born. (AH!)
  • 18:00 When a python regurgitates the last four things it ate…
  • 23:00 The contractor program in Florida – Florida Wildlife Commission; South Florida Water Management District
  • 26:00 The python-hunting version of a Florida family vacay
  • 30:00 Meeting your first deer-eater sized python at 2 a.m., laying over its body so it doesn’t wrap you, and wrestling it into a bag
  • 34:00 Snake-bagging 101
  • 37:00 Catching a python on your ebike
  • 40:00 Team-tagging pythons at night in dark, dark swamp water 
  • 43:00 Wrangling a 17-footer, with a timely assist from passing hunters
  • 48:00 Python hunting is actually not much like how it’s portrayed on reality TV
  • 51:00 BSwanky handbag line from Florida pythons
  • 52:00 Amy is a full-time python-hunter… and she also saves the skins for her own line of product. Find her online, Python Huntress
  • 53:00 What does it PAY to be a python contractor? It’s not about the money… “I do it out of love (for the Everglades), and — I’ll admit it — adrenaline.”
  • 54:00 Python hunting is a night-time thing… outsiders can totally try it on vacation, but start by paying attention to the rules: Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
  • 55:00 The Florida Python Challenge – cash prizes! ATVs! Reptile stuff! 
  • 56:00 Are we putting a meaningful dent in the python problem? 
  • 58:00 Snake-tracking hound dogs
  • 59:00 Find @PythonHunter_Amy on Insta, or for those snake skin goods we mentioned; Find Anne on the FWC Python Contractor FB page
  • 1:04 Turkey hunting! It’s ON. (Dinner Island Ranch, where working cattle land meets public lands)
  • 1:06 When mom makes you a snake bag for the record-breaker on the horizon… <3