Montana Artemis Alliance Co-Lead

Expired on: Jul 1, 2022

The Montana Artemis Alliance is a coalition of Artemis Sportswomen from across Montana working together to amplify the voice and visibility of women hunters and anglers in conservation issues vital to our Montana sporting heritage.

Our mission is to protect Montana’s sporting traditions by elevating and empowering a diversity of sportswomen’s voices to engage in all facets of the sporting conservation life.

We work to:

  1. Broaden our understanding of ways to engage in conservation
  2. Strengthen connections and relationships between sportswomen
  3. Create a community of strong women who are willing to add their voices to wildlife conservation
  4. Breakdown the intimidation of conservation advocacy
  5. Amplify the narrative of hunting for food and self-sufficiency
  6. Have an honest conversation about the on-the-ground reality of gender in the hunting community

We are currently seeking passionate sportswomen to join our team of Co-Leaders and increase our capacity to engage and advocate effectively for Montana’s lands, waters, and wildlife.

Responsibilities include:

This position is a 2-year term and requires an average of 10-15 hours or work per month. We welcome applications for women of all levels of experience who are passionate about the future of our hunting and fishing heritage and value a collaborative approach. Interested parties should submit a resume and a letter of interest. Applications due July 1st, with a term start date of August 16, 2022. Please email with any questions.

Submit a resume and a letter of interest to

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