Kathy Hadley

In addition to being Montana’s State Ambassador, Kathy is an Artemis Co-Founder. She is a lifelong hunter and fly fishing angler. Kathy is the mother of two sons and lives on a ranch in western Montana with her husband Wayne. She has been a volunteer and board member of the Montana Wildlife Federation for many years and is also the Chair of the National Wildlife Federation Board of Directors. She has a great job as the ED of a national nonprofit (National Center for Appropriate Technology) in Butte, MT that works with people and organizations interested in clean energy and sustainable agriculture practices and systems. Kathy has a BS and MS in Biology from the State University College at Buffalo, NY.


Rachel is a Montana native who has always been passionate about the outdoors and hunting. She has been a volunteer Hunter Education instructor for almost fifteen years and she enjoys fishing and spending time outdoors with her husband, Kyle.

Rachel’s passion lies with educating women in the many different aspects of outdoor life. She grew up spending as much time as possible in the outdoors and is enthusiastic about sharing her experiences and knowledge with other women. She is an avid long-distance trail runner and spends her summers “playing in the mountains” to train for various races. Rachel received her Bachelor and Master’s degrees in accounting from Montana State University.


Tona Leiseth is a 5th generation Idahoan, now living on a mountain top outside Bozeman, MT.  When she isn’t out in the woods skiing, biking, kayaking or exploring, she is working on new recipes based on whole foods and harvested meat while raising her 5 yr old daughter as a peaceful warrior.  She hosts retreats to educate people on life in the mountains, and skills courses to build confidence among female outdoor enthusiasts.  Although new to conservation and hunting on her own, she has a long history of running support in hunting, butchering and cooking, and living off the grid. She aims to impassion others about our public lands and wildlife and to build community around advocacy.