Emily is outside as much as humanly possible. She is always looking for her next adventure, whether it’s hiking, biking, backpacking, backcountry skiing, trail running, riding horses, honing in on her archery skills in the backyard, or heading out for her next hunt. She believes that conservation and recreation can live hand in hand if we all work together to improve the great earth we live on.

She’s an outdoor enthusiast to her core. Growing up in Michigan, she was blessed to be raised on a horse farm, where she learned the true meaning of hard work and grit. She was also lucky to have a father that is a boyer and has been shooting a traditional bow since she was very young. And until a few years ago, had never hunted.

After several tag-along hunts with her husband and miles and miles of trudging through the wilderness without her bow, she finally asked herself why she wasn’t hunting too. She started turkey and elk hunting soon after and recently just got her first bighorn sheep.

She loves a good cup of coffee in the backcountry. In the summer, she prefers sleeping in her tent more often than her bed. And when home, she enjoys growing and harvesting her own food. She is also a huge supporter of conservation and advocating for land, water and wildlife, and believes public lands should be kept in public hands.

Emily lives in Durango, CO with her husband, dog, cat and backyard chickens. Always exploring, check out her adventures on instagram @cookie_fleck.