The Artemis Advisory Council serves as a critical community champion of Artemis. They share their gifts in service to our mission by providing our organization with their professional expertise, wisdom and guidance.

Kara Armano

Kara is a lifelong passionate outdoorswoman with most of that passion being dedicated to fly fishing. She was taught to love and respect the outdoors by her great grandmother and continues to magnify that love to other anglers and women, especially. Kara believes that we must do everything in our power to encourage women to get involved on the local, state and national level to preserve our resources for sportswomen of future generations. Kara knows we cannot make a difference if we do not have a voice, and women’s voices can be especially strong. Artemis embodies this perfectly and she’s looking forward to the swell of women speaking out for conservation and sportswoman issues across the country.

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Jessi Johnson

Jessi Johnson 





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Allie D’Andrea

Allie D'AndreaAllie D’Andrea is a social media guru from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She travels the states in a 21 foot travel trailer with her fly rod and compound bow, creating fishing and hunting content for her YouTube Channel. Allie is an advocate for public land and wildlife conservation and aims to inspire women of all ages to explore their desire to hunt and fish. She spends her free time chasing around her lab Abbie, learning how to tie flies, and volunteering for Artemis!

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Maggie Heumann

Maggie is a lover of the micro-world as an entomologist. As a member of the Artemis advisory council, she hopes to be the voice of the micro AND mega fauna matters. With the sport of fly-fishing comprising basically all of her livelihood (she runs a fly shop and her husband is a guide), she is determined to champion all causes related to public land access, fish fecundity, and clean rivers. Her main goal is to help educate and activate women on these issues.

Working in the outdoor retail world, she has learned that sales-folk are often the first lines to communicating conservation issues to the general public. In the past few years, she has seen brands and pieces with advocacy-ties and environmental-education directives soar in popularity. The will of the public to do-good is there. We just have to get the messaging to them in accessible ways. Maggie hopes to utilize Artemis and her role in the Advisory Council as a tool to get the word out on pressing wildlife, habitat and access issues from local to global levels in addition to helping coordinate fun networking events for sportswomen in her area.

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